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Skin IQ is a measure of the skin intelligence quotient which measures one’s knowledge and understanding of their skin’s attributes and needs. This concept was created by University of Miami dermatologist Leslie Baumann, MD in 2003 after devoting years of research and clinical work looking at the effects of skin care products and procedures on the skin’s health and appearance.

The Baumann Skin Typing System, which divides individual into 16 unique skin phenotypes, has become a standard for determining skin types worldwide. Skin IQ is a measurement of how well a person understands their particular Baumann Skin Type and the effects that certain ingredients, treatments and procedures will have on it.

The first step in calculating Skin IQ is identifying the Baumann Skin Type based on a scientifically validated questionnaire found in The Skin Type Solution (Bantam 2005, 2010) or at Once the Baumann Skin Type has been determined, the Skin IQ is calculated by answering a series of questions. These questions are updated periodically as new scientific discoveries are made. The Skin IQ naturally lowers with time. In order to keep the Skin IQ at the highest level, the individual must continue educating themself on new scientific discoveries that pertain to their Baumann Skin Type.
I raised by Skin IQ by discovering that I really have dry skin, and staying away from foaming cleansers.
by rocketwriter October 21, 2011
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