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When a mammal is so cute you just want to pick it up, slap its face, and throw it in front of moving train. (But you know you can't) So you quickly squeeze the air out of the mammal's lungs until it lets out a high pitched weeze.
Me:"This cat is adorable, i just want to put cigarettes out in its eyes."
You:"No, you don't have to do that anymore, skeak it, all the satisfaction without Animal Precinct at your door."
by Sam Cirefice&Stacii Phipps February 06, 2010
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Writing about somebody on a distribution list, forum, discussion thread, etc in a derogatory, ridiculing way in an attempt to get the person to respond merely to see if they are still alive and reading the list. Originated when the author of this article mis-spelled speaking when trying to get a rise out of a distribution group member.
I skeaked john to see if he was still alive.
by oldballgeo August 30, 2007
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