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When a figure skater has feet that are deformed due the tightness, shape, daily wear for many hours and improper fit of their skates. Often resulting in a pump bump (a bump on the back of the heal from the rubbing of a shoe or skate), pointed toes, pain and much more. There is no cure and if often results in the skater not wanting to wear flip flops, no shoes, or shoes that show the feet.
Wow! your feet are strange.

yeah I have skaters foot thats why I don't usually wear flip flops.
by fgrsk8rgirl June 30, 2010
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An unfortunate side effect of skating and/or skateboarding: The foot becomes sore and may cramp up. This is more common in first time riders. It usually will go away after your foot gets used to skating.
Did you go the the park today?

No, my skater's foot is killing me.
by poopdeck96 March 15, 2015
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