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The leader an ninja based skating group.
He's part of Public Square Group and helps skating through the shadows. He skates alone and specializes in flatground... At night he accepts oncoming challenges to take his title. But it isn't going to happen...
He has ninja front foot catch on all tricks and doesn't understand the meaning of sketchy...

Some attack such a person for there honor is on the line but it's suicide. A man of his stature doesn't fight, they kill. He is skilled in Skateboarding and Ninjutsu to the highest level possible.
Skater 1:hey man what's goin' on?
Skater 2:dude i hear the Skateboard Ninja is hittin' the park at night
S1:seriously!? we got to find out which park?!
S2:He kicked my ass last time... I want to the title. So i have to win this time.
S1:Dude u suck tho... u cant even heelflip..
S2:(silence)...... i can dream can't i...
S1: lolno u can't skatenub
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