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A flamboyantly dressed skateboarder that sees skateboarding more as a fashion accessory or a 'catwalk on wheels' and part of a general artistic lifestlye, rather than an extreme sport.

Notorious for wearing womens jeans, bangles on the wrist, long hair, stylish and quirky hats, tye-dye T-shirt, twee jackets and designer button shirts.

Typical tricks include 5-0 grinds on small flat banks, boardslide to fakie 50-50 half cab out on ledges and other 'artistic/creative tricks' that are neither fun or difficult. in some sense, it may be seen as an urban alternative to ballet.

Has much in common with the metrosexual and the iconic artfag.
Mark Gonzales is a pioneer in the Skartfag discipline, a collector of audacious clothes and a keen published artist and poet. Followers also include Finn Andres (Who is homosexual) aswell as Brian Anderson (who is Bisexual).

Dustin Dollin (married to a woman) is another textbook example of the Skartfag. An ex-pro skater for baker skateboards and a newly accomplished fashion designer with high aspirations for bringing 'the finess and style of skateboarding' onto the catwalk.
by Milk Warrior March 17, 2008
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