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Any person who is suffering from an addiction to any of the Skarsgard family of Sweden; most commonly in reference to Alexander Skarsgard (lead roles in Generation Kill & True Blood from HBO, as well as many Swedish productions); aka as a 6'4" Scandinavian lord of beauty and hot-ass talent. Can be seen in 2010 & 2011 in such films as 'Beyond the Pole', '13', and a remake of 'Straw Dogs', as well as his continued role on the adult hit series, True Blood, opposite Oscar winner, Anna Panquin.
Those that suffer from being Skarstarved (typically while he's on seasonal hiatus, or working on a project) long for him & suffer extreme withdrawal, that include dizziness, nocturnal emissions, and involuntary, spontaneous salvation at the mention of the name, or by random fan photos. Those that are afflicted are typically harmless, though they may over-engage in conversations regarding the career of said Skarsgard, which typically becomes a form of rambling. While informative, they are obsessed & should seek medical attention, or the nearest possible Skarsgard for a cure. Many of the Skarstarved simply pursue such knowledge for the betterment and world-wide advancement of the Skarsgard carrier, with eternal hope that their beloved will come to shine throughout the world.
"I am so Skarstarved, I cannot wait until June 13th! Last night I had the best dream of my life! Honestly, I could molest a tree today! I think I may need professional help."
by DawnLaurene April 16, 2010
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