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A woman of Indian descent who engages in promiscuous behavior.

Many Indian women pretend to be conservative. They carry on with this behavior only because they are unattracted to other Indian men. When presented with a white man, the Indian woman releases her reservations and becomes a Skankvi.
"Oh Skankvi."
"She ain't nuthin but a Skankvi."
"Looks like that girl went to the University of Skankvi."
"Nasty. She using her Skankvi."
"Ahh, there's a Skankvi hiding under my bed."
"Ma'am, please do not set your Skankvi down here."
"Oh fuck, I got some Skankvi on my homework."
"It looks like you've contracted a serious case of the Skankvi."
"Officer, that light was hardly Skankvi."
"But Mom, Skankvi made me do it."
"One fish, two fish, red fish, Skankvi."
"Rejoice! There's enough Skankvi for all of us."
"Oh don't go get your Skankvi in a bunch."
"Don't judge a man by his Skankvi."
"An apple a day keeps the Skankvi away."
"Is it live, or is it Skankvi?"
"With a name like Skankvi... it has to be good."
by white wiz January 04, 2012
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