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Plural: skanktopotami.

A generally overly amorous and often intoxicated large female of the human species who garners attention by gyrating wildly and/or seductively (hopefully on a dance floor) with the goal of securing temporary male companionship which would otherwise be WAY out of their league or socio-economic class. The skanktopotamus is characterized by flashy and often over-the-top attire designed to draw attention to themselves and can be found late at night in alleys, clubs and on street corners, but they have been sighted at far more conspicuous places such as big box retailers, fast food restaurants, gambling establishments and trailer parks.

Skanktopotomi are generally loners, but they have been known to travel in groups known as "pods". Their diet consists primarily of three items, namely fat, salt and starch.

Should a skanktopotamus successfully secure the aforementioned male companionship, said male will be overcome with intense feelings of guilt, shame and self-disrespect. The only possible cure for this is the successful undetected early morning escape giving the victim plausible deniability that the event ever occurred.
Look at Elmer's head hung in shame...he got caught this morning with a skantopotamus.

Chad is not himself today...he got seduced last night by that skanktopotamus Tammy.

"Hey's Michael...I can't show my face at work today because the guys know about the pair of skanktopotami I was with last night..."

Skank hippopotamus skanktopotomus
by King_Norm_I October 04, 2014
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