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A Foreword:
Tremble internet dirt child, for you have stumbled across the most insulting word that can be uttered in the english language, more potent even than Thundercunt, to a female.

(For your own safety I am not telling you ints pronunciation.)

The most potent swear word ever uttered, its exact definition is unknown but it combines aspects from all words that are even mildly insulting to females (erg. skank, whore, bitch, Etc.)
Etymology: This word was crafted in the wasted heart of Joe the Hapless husband to Whorelinda Of The Bitches. Whorelinda tortured joe for eighty years, making him watch lifetime Tv, take dance lessons, and put on pants before noon. Driven mad by his suffering, Joe surrendered the last years of his life to crafting the word on the eve of his 99th birthday Joe finally completed the word, but in his exhaustion he was slain by a pent butter and jelly sandwich. Whorelinda later discovered joe dead and the world in his study whilst moving all of his shit around so he wouldn't be able to find it. Having read it, she began to die due to the sheer amount of malice poured into it, but with her dying breath, Whorelinda uttered a curse on any man who used the word. The curse went that if any man said the word of power within earshot of a female, the fe,ale would be filled with all of Whorelinda's bitchyness in its full glory. May god deliver the soul of the fool who dares to bring the word of power back into this world.
Female:....And clean out the goddamn fridge, its starting to smell like moose penis in there, have you done it yet, get off your ass, do you love me? Get off your ass and pay attention to me!Nag,Nag,Nag! mow the goddamn lawn you fat bastard, we need to watch Gossip Girl later! Is my hair Ok, Yo think I'm fat don't you....
Unfortunate male: Skankaclopterx !!!!!!!!!!
(Sound of female mutating into a hideous amalgamation of doom and eating said males throat out.
by TheAllKnower December 20, 2012
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