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An illness with flu like symptoms that is contracted from close contact from a slut, skank or otherwise promiscuous female. Not to be confused with a sexually transmitted disease or the common flu, although carriers of the skank flu are more prone to contracting due to their lifestyle and love of the D.
"I made out with that drunk whore last and now I'm sick as hell"
-"I'm no doctor, bot sounds like a classic case of skank flu to me"
by Mikeff July 27, 2009
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When one becomes withdrawn, unpleasant, and sad as a result of being in the immediate vacinity of a skank. The skank's proximity causes mixed emotions of jealousy, disgust, and self-loathing making it impossible to enjoy oneself at lunch, a party, or any event
I was having a great time until that cooze Krystal showed up - now I have skank flu and want to go home.
by emilace September 28, 2009
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