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Adj. When you really, really want to go skateboard but can't.
Cade: Dude it's so f*cking rainy today.
Lance: Ik man, we can't even skate ten in this monsoon.
Cade: I'm so mad rn.
Lance: You're skangry bro.
by TruthBehindWords October 10, 2016
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An amalgam of the words skinny and angry, used to describe a condition in which skinny individuals may experience greater anger and rage than non-skinny ones.

The cause of this condition is unclear, however many scientists believe that some skinny individuals are skangry because of their extreme hunger due to being deprived of food. Therefore, these skangry people are experiencing an extreme case of hanger (hunger and anger). While all individuals may become hangry, skinny individuals are the only ones who may be skangry.

Additionally, while all skinny individuals are capable of being skangry, those who have recently lost large amounts of weight are much more likely to be skangry, than individuals who have been skinny for a longer period of time. These once fat and happy people are now very likely to be skinny and angry (i.e. skangry).
Dude 1: Man, Al has become such an asshole since he lost all that weight. He used to be so happy ,cool, and fun to be around, now he's just a dick.

Dude 2: Yeah, he's skangry. I liked him better when he was fat.
by JSnoop August 22, 2016
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