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A Skab is a desperate alternate employee who works for a company temporarily while it is currently being protested, boycotted, or has workers currently on strike due to the company's dangerous work conditions, illegal activities, or inadequite wages and poor compensation. The Skabdriver preys on these desperate alternatives to continue it's road to profit by offering immediate Hiring plans and even lower wages usually using outside agencies supported by the company for the process. The word "SkabDriver" is also used in place of the phrase Slave Driver.
"Yo dat company makin a Mill-a-minute man, you workin for Skabdriver's man, you breakin yo back for someone else's dreams, left starvin and used up, and when you think you deserve more, and think you are owed more, they let you know how much they care. They stomp you out and replace. They just a buncha SkabDrivers.
by dj X-pire January 15, 2008
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