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A group of 5 'meat loving' boys. To join this group you must consume large amounts of meat, drinks lots of beer (because you MUST be a lad), and act like a massive prick to everyone outside the group (especially to females). You are numbered within the group depending on rank, e.g. sizzlat 1 is the leader whilst sizzlat 5 is more like a serf.

To remain in the group you must have a tattoo displaying your sizzlat rank, e.g. sizzlat 1.

The famous sizzlat coup of 2011 saw sizzlat no.4 become leader of the original sizzlat group. The original sizzlat leader was executed after this takeover.
I'm number 1 of the sizzlat...yay hehehehe

Where my sizzlatians be at?
by lil jowshy April 22, 2011
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