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The lowest/smallest size in clothes (mostly pants). Girls that are 00's are very, very, very, very, very, very skinny. No meat whatsoevar. Just because they are 00 doesn't mean they,re anorexic, I have friends that are 00's. You can be a 00 naturally, but a bulimic more than likely isn't. (I'm not saying they aren't.) 00 pants are very small and the shirt equilvalant is an extra- small.
Size 34*: OMG look at that girl over there she is soooo skinny.

Me: That's my bestfriend, she's really nice.
Size 34: Is she like a Size 00 (double zero)?
Me: Yes.
Me: No, she's actually very healthy so back off troll!!!

*Not in waist inches the actual size 34.
NOTE: This not a real story but my bestfriend is like a size 0,00, or 1. I'm not saying all size 34's act or say stuff like this I'm just generalizing.
by KoreanNameIsYoonHwa April 03, 2012
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