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The smallest size available in American female apparel. Depending on clothing manufacturer, woman may fit into a size 00 if her chest-waist-hip measurements fall between 28-20-30 inches and 34.5-24.5-34.5 inches.

Currently size 00 has a mixture of negative and positive connotations. It is entirely possible to be healthy and curvy at size 00, especially if the individual has a small body frame, and the media's fixation on the size make fitting these measurements fashionable in many circles. However, seeing such small body frames popularized in the media has arguably contributed to a rise of individuals with eating and body disorders and have therefore led some to demonize the body size as impossible, unhealthy, and even dangerous.

Because it is the smallest size, anorexics frequently idealize 00. However, their mental illness is such that no size will quench their obsession to become thinner. Moreover, some individuals are naturally a size 00 so it is irrational to make black-and-white judgements about the size.

Size 00 will appear differently on different individuals because presentation also has to do with height and body frame. Someone with a very large body frame who is very tall may never be a healthy size 00 whereas it is more likely a healthy size 00 will have a comparatively very small body frame.
"Is she anorexic? That girl should eat a sandwich!"
"She does eat. She's a healthy size 00. If she ate anymore she would make herself physically ill."

"Why are you so skinny? Do you have something to prove?"
"No, this is how my body works. I'm a 00."

"Why is Ashley still starving herself? She's 99 pounds, I thought she would stop dieting when she reached the coveted size 00."
"Anorexia doesn't work like that. When she became a 00 she still thought she looked fat. Part of anorexia is thinking you're fat no matter if you're a size 12 or 00."
by Pockyicecream July 23, 2013
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