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A sexual act performed with two people, where one person performs oral sex, and the other masturbates the person performing oral sex. Derived from the terms sixtynine and five finger discount.
John: Could you perform oral sex on me this evening dear?

Stacey: I would prefer it if you rubbed my clitoris with your fingers first.

John: How about a compromise? How about you give me a BJ whilst I finger you? Wouldn't that be gay? maybe tomorrow I will lick you vagina whilst you rub my mighty penis.

Stacey: Oh yes it would be grand!, let us go straight to the bedroom and sixtyfive!


Cecil: Hey big boy lets leave this elton john concert and go back to my place and sixty five

Julian: Oh that sounds grand, i can't wait to suck your cock while you tug on mine!


Ellen: hey laura lets perform cunnilingus on each other!

Laura: No i prefer to be fingered

Ellen: Ok then, lets sixtyfive

Laura: That sounds great! ill put on some Indigo Girls to set the mood..
by Clint Joe Shuff September 02, 2010
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