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1. A booster in the multi-player segment of the PS3 only video game Uncharted 2. Situational Awareness takes up the top slot of the two available slots for boosters. It is made available for purchase at level 46. This booster is commonly referred to as: "Sit," "Sit Aware," and, "Situational." By standing still and pressing the Up direction button on the D-pad one can see enemies' names pop up through walls as they run around. This booster is usually used by n00bs or people looking to be dicks. Fortunately, the booster Evasion (unlocked at level 50) makes one immune to Situational Awareness.

2. Possessing the trait of always knowing what is going on around you; awareness of one's situation (duh).
1. UnchartedPlayer1: Ah, some fag with Situational Awareness on was camping in a corner and killed me. Fuck.
Uncharted Player2: That's retarded. You should use Evasion like me.

2. David used his Situational Awareness to get out of the school safely while a school shooting was happening.
by WaR_REAPER10 September 10, 2010
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