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A term coined by Hanley to characterize her mother Amy; the worlds first sit down comedian. Essentially, a sit down comedian is a true talent, pound for pound, whose beauty, witticisms and jocularity outweighs their body mass.

Comedy can be compared to that of bacteria. Its misuse and overuse leads to a significant loss in its effectiveness. A Newer, stronger strain must evolve over time in order for it to live on. For that reason, it’s inevitable a mutation of some kind will arise for it to become more resilient. In this case the ‘supersatire’ was sit down. Which proved to be highly infectious. :P
The idea was born when Amy was faced with the challenge of performing whilst standing. The performer saw no choice but to replace the comical aspect of stand up with sit down comic theatre, Putting a new happy fat face on comedy.
"I hear that sit-down comedian Amy is Notorious for eating doughnuts while performing on stage"
by 112Amzz September 30, 2011
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1. The literal meaning of a comedian sitting down as opposed to standing up when making jokes.
2. Quite the opposite to the former, and not widely used, yet is important: somebody who is SO bad at making jokes that you just want to tell them to sit down and stop.
1. Person A: I wanna be a sit-down comedian one day.

Person B: What's that?

Person A: Literally just sitting down and being a comedian.

2. Person A: I wanna be a stand-up comedian one day.

Person B: Ha! With your dead jokes I think you should be a sit-down comedian!
by RealTalk97 January 14, 2017
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