A bathroom prank similar to the Upper Decker, Dry Docker, and Riding the Horse Backwards, but logistically much easier. The idea here is to sit at the very front of the toilet seat, with your rectal opening just over the edge. This way, when you defecate, your feces falls just inside the front lip of the toilet bowl, leaving a brown streak on the side of the bowl. The fecal matter then "welds" to the side of the bowl, outside the water line, leaving a horrible stench and a difficult cleanup job. Because the toilet has not been altered in any way, people may assume that someone just "missed" and was not a deliberate act.

The problem with the "Upper Decker" is that most public toilets do not have an upper tank, and in private residences access to the upper tank is often difficult because of shelving, cabinetry, wall artwork, etc. If there is nothing near the toilet to hold onto, it is also difficult to balance. The problem with the dry docker is access to the shut off valve. In public restrooms this is usually not accessible. Riding the Horse Backwards makes no sense because one would have to remove his/her pants completely in order to straddle the toilet while facing the wall. Sitting up front accomplishes the same goal, but is much easier.
The employee at the sandwich shop was rude to me, so I am going to use their restroom and sit up front.
by Trumplodyte February 13, 2019
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