Someone who is under the age of thirteen (violating COPPA). A very accurate, yet primitive example of the original Sir Were species can be found at the 'Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds' section of Heavengames. They are known for their submissive behaviour towards the elders (commonly referred to as 'oldies') of the community.

However the usual Sir Were immediately considers himself to be superior to anyone new to the pack. Upon the newcomer's arrival, the Sir Were pounces upon him. This is sometimes referred to as the 'Bungholious Maximus' technique, where the egotistical Sir Were attempts to present himself as the dominant male. He soon becomes submissive again once an alpha male enters the discussion, usually by saying "I'm with alpha male on this one"
Person 1: Hi, can someone help me?
Sir Were: No, go and die please. :)
Blackmoon: Go elsewhere >:3
Sir Were: I'm with Blackie on this one!
Blackmoon: *ego pulses with glee*
by Heavengames Homosexual April 01, 2007
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The most annoying little shit you can possibly imagine. Hangs around at Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven, where he acts like an annoying pompous arsehole and pisses everyone but him and his poxy little friends off.
"Stop posting, Sir Were."

"No! I am here to help everyone! I'm the best! Look at me sucking AoERat's cock all day!"
by Crazed Ewok April 01, 2007
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