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Sinthia is a very unique name. Created by two wonderful people. Sinthia is one of the most beautiful people ever, inside & out. She's fun and creative. She's very nice, sweet, smart, and just amazing. She's very caring and loving, like how can you not like her? That's impossible! She likes to get things her way. She has very great ideas, and she's different. She doesn't care about what people say. Many guys want her, and any guy would just be lucky to have her!! She's the best girlfriend ever, will do anything to make her boyfriend happy. She's very loyal and faithful. She's a bubbly person, who loves to help and make other people feel better. She's just an amazing wonderful breath taking person.
"Uff, that girl is perfect!! She must be a Sinthia!!"

"Dammn bruhh! Who's that girl that just walked in? She looks like A Sinthia, I'd definitely tap that ;) "

"Ugh, look at that girl Sinthia, she's beautiful.. and I thought I was beautiful ha, I'm jealous of her, now I want to be just like Sinthia!"

That girl is Sinthia-licious, she's fucking perfect, her Bf is a lucky mofo!
by sasacandysosexyy January 02, 2014
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