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When you and your friend notice an attractive person at the same time and therefore must battle over who gets to introduce them self first. Usually occurs at party, bar, or similar scene where you are trying to pick up a babe (male or female).

Rules of Simultaneous Zisk:

1) When you both see the hottie, make eye contact with the other and yell "Zisk!" at each other. This initiates the game.

2) First person to smack the nearest door hinge wins.

3) Winner gets ten minutes to engage the hottie with no interruptions. Loser may intervene if after the ten minutes the hottie seems uninterested.
"Why are you standing so close the door? You're kind of in the way."

"Sorry I'm expecting Betty and I have to have a good position for Simultaneous Zisk. I just know Jordan is going to try an say he say her first."
by lalaking January 20, 2015
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