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Simpdaddy is a term for a young man, usually with a hairy belly, that has blonde curly hair and a crooked nose. A simpdaddy typically thinks he is a 'sick cunt' and claims to consume copious amounts of alcohol, when in reality he is a light weight. Generally lacks intelligence and is no smarter then a star fish.
"Hey barra, Look at that guy over there, he looks like a real Simpdaddy!"
by big_dick_playa July 12, 2014
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a person who thinks of themselves as a massive player yet lacks any intellect or ability to spell their own name. they usually are that over weight, hairy, disgusting friend that thinks they're that much of a legend and will give themselves a nickname.
"hey wacko, why do we hang out with that Simpdaddy. he totally ruins our friendship group"
by even_bigger_dick_playa October 09, 2014
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