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Currently sparking massive online debate is the image (in accordance with rule 34) of Alvin, Theodore, and Simon receiving head. The question poses who receives the best head, which shouldn’t even be a question because it is clearly Simon. Being a nerd doesn’t make him a Virgin, in fact, he’s tall, handsome, and smart. He knows the ins and outs of every sexual position. Simon, with his legs in the air, can barely withhold the head is he receiving. He is also the chipmunk who gives the best dick. The term “Simonists” has now become synonymous with “intellectual” or “200 IQ+” individuals.
I’m proud to be a simonist!

Simonists are the only ones with brains!

Disregard that Alvinist, fellow Simonist, he’s a Cumbrain.
by NotBrainless September 20, 2019
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Stemming from a Rule 34 image featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks receiving head from their respective Chippette, a Simonist refers to one who believes that Simon is the Chipmunk Receiving the Best Head. Unfortunately, this is incorrect as Simon is not Receiving the Best Head, and therefore the term has become synonymous with “retard”.
Simonist: “I believe that Simon is receiving the best head.”
Theodorian and Alvinist: “Oh no, here we go... the Simonist is at it again...”
Simonist: “Please don’t call me that...”
Because even the Simonist knows that it is shameful to be a Simonist.
by September 19, 2019
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