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Some one who engages in arguments (IRL or on the internet) whose arguments are so stupid they dumbfound their opponent into silence, leading the arguer (the "Simon Hickey") to think they have won the argument.

The term originated from a self professed neo-nazi electrician who received extensive media coverage in Australia for his nonsensical opinions. According the Brisbane Times 'his business logo appears to feature Pepe the Frog, a meme that has become popular with the alt-right, wearing an SS uniform and standing in front of Auschwitz.'
I got into an argument with this guy on Facebook, but I gave up, he was a total Simon Hickey
by Kafka in Exile May 03, 2018
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A man who can continue to press forward in business and real life despite ongoing attacks on himself, his property and his reputation by lesser men.
Whoa how Simon Hickey was that Bridge? Hit by 2 boats a plane and caught fire, it's still standing.
by Brenenegan June 03, 2018
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