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simera is usually an indian name but they don't have to be indian. simera's also have brown hair usually. they are generally shorter than most people. their boyfriends are usually pretty annoying and so are their friends that are guys. the annoying friends happen to be named lukas because lukas's are usually popular making them naturally annoying. simera's do not enjoy being social and are also very sarcastic. their sarcasm makes them instantly lose their close friends.
wow you are so sarcastic today. I don't even know why i'm friends with you

Not many people like Simera
by saucy boy 11 May 31, 2018
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simera's are usually indian with brown hair and brown eyes. they aren't very social but they are very sarcastic. because they are sarcastic, they don't have many friends because they all get sick of their shit. their boyfriends are also very annoying along with whatever friends they have. simera's are generally popular and so are their friends. their most annoying friend is generally named lukas. simera's get emotional very easily and seem to get "hurt" by every comment.
"have you noticed simera has been very annoying today?"

simera. annoying, sarcastic, unsocial.
by saucy boy 11 May 31, 2018
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