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A malfunction/birth defect in the brain that causes one to invision themselves in a crashing space craft in a far away galexy and also causes one to have no genitals. This malfunction/birth defect is uncurable and has no treatment so in other words your fucking skrewed. If you or a friend has this malfunction/birth defect, please call your local doctor and make sure its not affecting you sex life as it may cause you to have no penis or vagina. Be sure to ask for a pot perscription as it may just make your life easier or dont and just deal with yo shit.
Dude! You didnt hear? She got kicked out of school because she has Simecek-Phoba-Miniskus!! :O

Chick comes out of Star Trek: Can you please help me? I think i have Simecek-Phoba-Miniskus?
by Never_Shout_Jennie May 21, 2011
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