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Silverback Syndrome is when a male or female parent, legal guardian, et al, has adult children living at home, or even abroad, and still tries to get their way in their kids lives. The "Silverback" frequently has to "pound their chest" metaphorically (and sometimes literally) when they're around their children to prove their point. Silverbacks rarely make suggestions or compromise, and usually it's "their way, or the highway, and there's the door". The kids (younger apes) tend to not put up with this very long, since they eventually try and leave the herd or in some cases, give the Silverback an ass-whoopin and does whatever the hell they want anyway.

NOTE: If the Silverbacks are still married, you better move the hell outta the country.
Father to 21 year old son: "It's Saturday night, be home by 9pm."

21 year old son: "Riiiight." And then shows up at midnight.

Father to 25 year old son: "I don't like your girlfriend. You should break up with her immediately."

25 year old son: "Fuck you".

Mother to 22 year old daughter: "Cover your boobs. You don't need to flaunt your jugs to the world."

22 year old daughter: "Whatev. I'm not going to wear a floor-length amish dress when it's 90 degrees outside like you do. It's called commonfuckinsense."

Mother to 28 year old daughter: "Are you taking the pill?"

28 year old daughter: "Why the hell is my sex life your damn business? Go dust out the cobwebs and come talk to me."

These aforementioned examples are clear signs of Silverback Syndrome.
by DocJ81 March 19, 2010
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