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Sometimes, in the course of human events, words are used that have dual meaning. We'd all be a roiling mass of chaos and etymological misunderstanding among the young who "cumsies" all over the internet during an age of law enforcement, out of necessity for keeping their jobs, wasting the taxpayers $ ... Instead of a federal proposal to investigate the whining, crying children on the other end of the line.

I.e. It's silly to accept a grown man's friend request, working on exploring young culture and their popularly held notions of everything in their heads that's probably a result of having to study, defend their internet reps.... Thinking they're being super monitored... And then... Find.... That they are.... I love catching people who Harras people who are. Smarter and more accomplished than they via:

I say it... Therefore it's law... Then cumsies. Their way into your hotel room for your wallet.... Claiming their ex boyfriend ... Who could fucking care less about the SLUT ... Would've hurt you after phone sexing the whole hotel until finding the one employee that'd do anything for her. .. Steal your cash and find that your card doesn't work... Because taking a break from PTI ... Parole and dad and loss of job and family requires... Idk... I do that all the time? Gotta love the end users...

.... Because you just
Hate em... Pobres


Supersonic off Backspacer for the soundtrack (pearl Jam for the out of touch)
The definition of "Silly (n.)" is me according to some bitch that accepted my "friend"; however, I tend to disagree.
by MP? That's mine too! July 01, 2014
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