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1. A engineer type who is sexually attracted to clean-rooms. A true Sillnerd will only be found driving a Jeep, with a lot of emergency gear stored inside. "Project Manager" boots compliment pink button down shirts and Banana Republic jeans.

Always comes to work late and still complains about being tired.

2. Someone who uses terms such as "yupper-doodles" "Dirty Bird"and "Fuddy Duddy"
1. The Sillnerd is taking Dick in the Clean-Room again
2. You are such a Sillnerd
3. Why is this guy driving so slow in front of me?!?! Is he some sort of Sillnerd?
4. Save a horse, ride a Sillnerd
5. Wow he must be a Sillnerd, he just said "gnar gnar"
6. That Sillnerd just demanded that I make it a great day
by Trail Rated October 02, 2011
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