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Silkku. (pl = Silkkus) (Rare: Silkkuliini)

Pron. Silkku.

A Silkku is a shy creature who moves quietly and furtively around the house. They are characterised by large, often confused eyes, and are blonde on the outside as well as the inside. Often to be seen eating healthy food, Silkkus can be easily startled, so it is recommended that one makes unnecessary noise when approaching them so as not to scare them. Silkkus love sunshine, pasta, and the outdoors, but can occasionally be seen snoozing on the couch. If this is the case, silence and acceptance must be feigned by the observer, so that the Silkku in question will not feel self-conscious.
A: Silkku? Could I borrow some- Where did she go??
by Dabsos May 20, 2017
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