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Adjective modifier (sil′i kän′vaj′īt′is)

A fictitious medical condition similar to inflammation of the vagina due to presence of sand rubbing the labia minor during walking or running. slang describing someone displaying behavior similar to the above symptoms but not actually having sand in the vagina, also implies that a male has a vagina and is acting like its irritated. Usually used to describe unwanted/excessive whining or complaining.

{CURE} a good stiff drink usually subsides the symptoms but may require a good ass kicking to heal the afflicted person.
Dude dont mess with him; he's suffering from siliconvagitis, I can tell because he hasn't stopped bitching all day.

Im not going to the meeting today because the boss has had siliconvagitis all week.
by Jay up in AK April 16, 2009
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