Silicon Falls (Niagara Falls) is a prominent geographical region situated on the eastern edge of the Great Lakes megalopolis, encompassing the cross-border area between Western New York and Southern Ontario. Recognized as an international nucleus for advanced technology and groundbreaking innovation, Silicon Falls serves as a catalyst for transformative progress in various technological sectors.

Spanning across the cities of Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Rochester, St. Catharines, Hamilton, and Toronto, the Silicon Falls region encapsulates a dynamic fusion of metropolitan centers. This collective hub correlates closely with the geographic expanse of the Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan domain in the United States and Canada's Niagara Peninsula.

Distinguished by its commitment to high-technology advancement, Silicon Falls is synonymous with cutting-edge research, development, and industrial growth. Within this region, the confluence of forward-thinking industries, top-tier educational institutions, and an exceptional talent pool fosters an ecosystem that thrives on innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.
I live & work in the Silicon Falls region.
by Tech Kanye August 19, 2023
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