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Taken from the dictionary of the legendary Ada and Helaina of the 21s Nottingham Century , the term Siite , when accompanied by a typical 1960's peace sign made my holding the middle and index finger erect and the others in a ball shape , is used to remember past memories and/or events that have happend in the past.

This term can also be used on online instant messaging services , but the peace sign MUST be replaced with the sunglasses smilie created when typicing in (H) .
Person A :'' Remember that party the other day..ahhh

was truely joke. ''

Person H : '' Lol , yeahh ... *Peace Sign* Siiiiite ''

Person A : '' *Peace Sign* Siiiiite ''

Or on IM Services

Person A : Remember that party the other night? Was

joke lol

Person H : Yeahh mann

Siiite (H)

Person A : Siiite (H)
by The Happy Hippo August 22, 2009
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