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Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology, Icelandic
Derived from the Old Norse elements sigr "victory" and rún "secret". This was the name of a Valkyrie in Norse legend.

In Germanic religion, Valkyrie is any of a group of maidens sent by Odin to select slain warriors worthy of a place in Valhalla. They rode to the battlefield on horses or, in some accounts, flew through the air and sea. Some had the power to cause the death of warriors they disliked; others guarded the lives and ships of those they favored. According to various myths, they were either purely supernatural or human with supernatural powers; they were associated with fairness, brightness, and gold as well as with bloodshed.

Sigrún is a strong and proud woman who will fight the battles necessary and has enough stamina to finish them to the end.

If you violate Sigrún's rights or morals she will always get her vindication but always in the way you leas expect it. Such attempts will never break her, only make her stronger.
Only a king is fit to be her man and she will have no other, ruthlessly rejecting those not worthy. But once she has found her king she commits to him and him alone and will be his to death.
Helmeted valkyries came down from the sky

—the noise of spears grew loud—they protected the prince;

then said Sigrún—the wound-giving valkyries flew,

the troll-woman's mount was feasting on the fodder of ravens
by Valkyrie Victoria February 03, 2010
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