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This word has often been used to describe individuals who use enormous graphic signatures on forums/message boards that allow them. The problem is, they become tedious to readers who have to scroll the mouse wheel twice just to get to the next post. Therefore, they overshadow practically everything the poster has written, which in most cases, is nothing more than 15 words followed by a repetitive 300x300 image, as such, with each comment.

Such practice results in a paradox where the poster may think their craft work is impressive, but usually readers interpret it as a symbol of inferiority with a gross alter ego of being everything the writer is not.
I couldn’t make sense of the topic for all the signoramus interruptions.
by Ipana August 29, 2008
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A driver who doesn't realize that their signal light is still flashing after turning or changing lanes.
I followed a signoramus for three blocks who had their left signal flashing even though they made no attempt to change lanes or actually turn.
by Canucknucklehead November 16, 2009
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