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Big party guys that like to have a good time. Girls go to Sig Nu parties because they know they are not going to get date raped like they would if they went to a pike party.
Sigma Nu #1: what are you doing this weekend?

Sigma Nu #2: the same thing we do every weekend...have a kick ass party
by collegegirl88 September 06, 2010
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Sigma Nu is a fraternity that was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Sigma Nu was founded in opposition to the hazing culture that was occurring at VMI and continues to stand by this belief today. Sigma Nu is one of the most dominant fraternities in the modern day greek system, having top tier chapters at many prominent universities including Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, MIT, Washington State, Oklahoma, Louisiana Tech, and many more. Sigma Nu also continues to have one of the most safely guarded national ritual, mostly attributing to the standard of member that Sigma Nu strives for. Nationally, Sigma Nu continues to rack up award after award for excellence in areas such as recruitment, risk reduction, and academic excellence programs. The main philanthropic organizations that Sigma Nu supports are St. Jude's Children Hospital, The Helping Hand initiative, and Character Counts!
Rushee #1 - So what fraternity are you going to be joining?

Rushee #2 - Sigma Nu, duh. I want the most out of my college experience.
by GreekFreak07 April 03, 2011
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the king of beer drinkers. known as the snakes. Famous alums include bob barker, harrison ford, and james dean.
"did you hear, a sigma nu did a 1 minute keg stand."
"fuck yeah, they drink like theres no tomorrow"
by moxok April 11, 2007
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Basically a fraternity of Bawss Maynes.
The most alcoholic bunch of guys who will party till one can't party anymore. Guys you call to have a good time not go shop with you.
He said he was a sigma nu but you know how guys exaggerate.
by Pornstar98 November 25, 2008
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Pretty cool fraternity sometimes referred to as 'Sigma Poo' but in a completely endearing way. Also 'Sigma who?' and 'Snu's'
You won't get raped at their parties.
Girl #1: Those guys are so much fun. What frat are they in?

Girl #2: Oh, definitely Sigma nu. They're my Sigma poo's :)
by sigmapoos4lyf January 14, 2012
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a bunch of fags in a fraternity that are from nj but want to be from ny
look at those snu's...
by anonymous February 16, 2005
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