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The sorority girls you can actually take home to mom. Founded as a Christian based sorority but don't let that fool you. These girls are often the most beautiful inside and out and like to play hard to get. Those that are jealous will say they are snobby white bitches who don't like to have fun but anyone who gets to know one of these girls knows she can still outdrink you but wake up and look her best Sunday morning. Shes someone your mother will adore and your dad is dumfounded you scored. An honest definition of a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. This sorority is not as widespread because it is home to your typical southern bell. Envy those blessed enough to get to see these angels from God every day.
Whoa, dude whos that? Oh, she's a Sigma Alpha Omega girl good luck getting that!
by thatcollegeprepguy May 23, 2018
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