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Something that looks so wrong or awful it can cause nightmares or cause you to think you're having a nightmare.
1) Oh. Em. Gee. That is like suuuuch a sightmare of a dress.
2) Hey, that guy over there...? What a sightmare.
3) The puke in that room is such a sightmare. I felt sick when I saw it.
by Nicitzachael November 06, 2010
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Something so terrible, one would only expect to see it in the most terrible of nightmares, yet there it is, in real life, right before your eyes.
Dude, I had a nightmare that I saw x-men origins: wolverine, and it was just terrible.
No dude, I was with you, we saw it yesterday, and safe to say, it was a sightmare to say the least.
by Nerdock January 28, 2011
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