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I wrote down the origins of the word "Siggaflat". Here you go

It all started when Thomas D. Sigger, an english explorer was visiting a Greek fishing village by the name of "Klimaflat". In this village, he learnt to fish. He wasn't great at first, like everyone else on their first tries, but he still managed to catch something other than magikarps. Learning the village's traditions and their culinary tastes, he soon learnt to adapt to the village life, and decided to stay there for the rest of his life. No more than 3 days after having lived in the village, he thought about how boring it was eating only fish, so he wanted to spice it up, and invent a sauce. He tried many different combinations, but never got to the perfect one. Until one day, he stumbled upon the best ingredient he could possibly use, mayonnaise. After trying different combinations with the mayonnaise, he came up with the perfect one. A sauce that was so perfect, it is STILL served in restaurants nowadays. A sauce based of mayonnaise, lemon, salt & pepper and pickles. That's right, the perfect sauce. Having no idea what to name that sauce, he named it "Sigger" after his last name. He still felt like that sauce needed a better name, and named it after himself and the village, "Siggerflat".

That's right. Siggaflat is tartar sauce.
"Oh my god, Harry is such a Siggaflat."

"I know, just 'cause he cycles!"
by Siggaflat October 14, 2013
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