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A small evil weasel known only to a small cult, the sidneyites, who both worship and fear him in equal measure. Born in Camden, Sidney quickly became king of the weasels until he was stepped on by a goth and killed. However, due to his amazingness, he became a god, and instructed the first sidneyite to skin him and place his hide in a clothes shop. However, due to his insatiable lust for blood and sexual intercourse, Sidney was relegated from god to unspeakable demon of the night and now haunts people in their wildest nightmares. He's Sidney the neck weasel. You wear him like a scarf. He wears your soul like a Justin Hawkins style Jumpsuit. But he doesn't believe in a thing called love. Just violence. Watch out.
"Oh shit, is that Sidney the Neck Weasel I see over there with David Mitchell, Stalking Max and Kim?"

"yeah look, he just ate their feet."

"Oh, shit. Now they're wearing him like a scarf..."
by MaximumDoubleR September 17, 2009
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