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Girl one: Doesn't Jordyn already have a boyfriend?
Girl two: No, that's just her side dude.
by Aaliyana September 11, 2016
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A female's plan B.
He is never a an alpha male, as an alpha male will be automatically given the place of boyfriend once met.
A guy with an ego (or worthy of it) never fills this role. I mean, he can't claim what he's hitting so what's the point?

The emergency option just incase the man of her dream's doesn't marry her, or leaves her for someone else.
A mere safety net.
Hashtag ride-it-and-deny-it.

Thee go-to guy. A "boo when I feel like it". A necessary tool to be used. You ride him reverse-cow girl style, just getting your hotdog and not looking at his face.
Yo Magic, still waiting on that girl to leave her boyfriend for you? You a side-dude!

I thought T was your boyfriend? Nope. Side-dude. I love Jason. T is my dessert. Sometimes, I'm fine with the main course :)
by princesspristine October 17, 2014
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When you see more of a man's tackle than expected. Male version of the female "side-boob".
"Kiko bent over and totally had side-dude!"
by Julactus June 01, 2016
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