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The act of posing for selfies or posed photographs whereby a male, who is otherwise nothing more than an unpopular douche is able to convince two at least one, but ideally two or more, attractive, female hotties to pose with him in said photos. These females, as Side Decoration, give the appearance that the douchebag is otherwise extremely popular, well hung, desired by women and commands female attention. Without Side Decoration, his life is nothing more than a pathetic, day to day existance and females generally cannot stand someone that requires Side Decoration.
Brandon constantly posts selfies and other posed pictures of himself along with Side Decoration. His Facebook and Twitter appear to show the life of a high rolling, ladies man where women are craving the D. However, those that know him know he is just a douche and if it not for his use of Side Decoration, no one would care.
by Tugg N. Harder February 18, 2014
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