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A type of fish that originates from rice paddies in south eastern Asia. They are very territorial and are often treated cruelly by being forced to live in tiny containers at pet shops all over the world. They are a very popular pet due to the low maintenance of taking care of them. They are also known as Betta fish because of there ability to breathe air through a organ called the labyrinth. Help these great fish by going onto ForceChange's website and looking up Siamese Fighting Fish. If you read that article and sign the petition you will make a difference in this small animals life.
Guy 1: Did you see the containers pet shops put Siamese Fighting Fish into
Guy 2: Yeah I know its so cruel
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by Toby.H May 07, 2017
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The previous name for Betta fish. Since activists want to make sure any sign of creativity and originality is eradicated off the planet because it's "unsafe".
In Texas a 10 year old can buy an AK-47 with no problem at Walmart but activists made sure to get rid of the Siamese fighting fish because it's a "safety hazard".
by AcneAndAnthrax November 29, 2014
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