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The flippy haired kid in Batavia High who is one of the largest drug kingpins in the U.S. He has been missing now for over 2 years and is unpredictable, use caution when approaching, very armed and dangerous. Some say the hair gives him powers. He is extremely good at rolling dice, especially in tre, and after every win gives a shout of triumph over his opponents. He has a very deceptive disguise other than his obvious rediculous haircut and wears over-priced polos from Banana Republic and straps dirty Jordans. Some have seen him in Aviators and a bandana. His guitar music sounds nothing close to the music he intends to play, despite the thousands of dollars his parents shovel toward his way to please the kid. If confronted with Siambanes, likely to not happen, beware of his lies, you can tell through the eyes. *Gives siambanes look*

"Yo Yo Doggy DOG, wannnnnaaaaa........ fuckk......... chill?"

"Bad boy bad boy, watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do when siambanes comes for you?"

"Pack it Up"
by Donny Giavonoo May 17, 2010
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