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He is a WarZone admin defined by hypocrisy while plunging deep into dark manholes, get it? HEH. His typical day consists of the following: goes to work at a canned beans packaging facility where his coworkers often make him feel subhuman with their disparaging remarks, such as "jesus tony, you smell like chicken noodle soup" or "no wait wtf, its more like burnt butthole pubes" and he drives home screaming at people in his dodge neon bashing the steering wheel to make bad things stop like a Staples Easy Button. He gets home and just starts banning users on the server to make his four inch clit stimulated and then rubs off to Boy George music videos on his plether recliner. Lawl.
Watch out man, or that faggot SiR_AARRGG will jerk off to you next!
by Melfice May 08, 2008
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