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an amazing girl, who knows what she wants when she wants it,

shes gorgeous, and attractive in every way. Shyquera's usually have big buts and boobs. and never realize how sexy they are. sometimes they may even call themselves ugly and fat but its not true they are hot, and have amazing bodies. EVERYBODY wants to be friends with her because she has all the guys on her and even though some of her friends only like her for this most of them love her for being her the wild, sexy, amazing, nice, funniest, heart warming girl out there. and there is NO ONE JUST LIKE HER. so if you have her keep her cause once shes gone shes gone
guy: damn look at her

guy2: i know right

guy: her guys lucky

guy2: thats my girl shyquera
by kdshbvcak dhf;dsblv,khajudhvl December 01, 2010
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