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Stage name for an amazing exotic dancer in Toronto in the 1990's. Well known for her awesome bubble butt and still missed today by her numerous fans and regulars.
Even after all these years i still wish Shyloh was around for some dances, she was the best!
by online chatter December 17, 2008
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A male who's unleashed himself from the bonds of society; thinking for himself and following his own mental dictates and biological drives. This inherently causes the women around him to fall for him. hes got something in his life dat he cant fill so he uses girls to fill it only to realize its not good enough so he moves on to the next..
by the age of 15, shyloh isn't going to be able to go out with any girl because hes broken every girl he know's heart.
by fothermucker78 September 17, 2011
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