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The conscious act of depriving yourself of readily available necessities such as proper food, sleep, and hygene. The onset of Shwoobadoo generally takes effect between the hours of 2-5am, though the process can be quickened (and intensified) by large, unhealthy amounts of caffine and taco bell. A proper shwoob session is always followed by a relapse at some point the next day, and when it occurs and your soul becomes one of the grand shwoob, it is like someone finally turns the lights on in the world, and everything is beautiful. except for you, because you're exhausted, unshaven, smell like armpit, and covered in nacho cheese sauce.
Desciple of Shwoobadoo 1: 'I feel like a piece of steamed broccoli ready to be dipped into ranch.'

Descible of Shwoob 2: 'Dude you are shwoobing so hard'
by elburrito00005 August 05, 2010
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