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Legendary sex organ of a Shudra male, historically famed for its huge size & erectile stamina. Traditionally considered the largest type of penis known to mankind, it has long been proven to be much bigger than the Aryan Penis.

After millenia of measurements, Prakrit & Sanskrit sexologists determined the Shudra Penis to be the largest in the 4-fold Penis Caste System, averaging an imposing 9 inches (12 angulis): "Ushvah (stallion man), the most coarse & vulgar of the group. He is worthless & indolent save for propagating his kind. Being the counterpart of Hustinee & of the servile {ie. Shudra} caste, he has adorning his body a nine to ten-inch, wrist-thick tassel {penis}; & his seminal water flows like the Ganges in flood." (`The Jewel in the Lotus', Allen Edwardes. NY: Julian Press, 1959, p.60). Hence, the Sudra caste (a great part of the Dravidoid or Negroid-Australoid race) is denominated "Vrishala" (horse) & "Ashva" (stallion).

This Telingana Black Snake dwarfs all other Aryan rivals, from the 4.5-in. (6-anguli) Brahmin Penis to the 6-7.5 in. (8-10 anguli) Vaishya Penis. Thus the Shudra is one-third longer than the 6-in. Aryan average, & fully twice as long as the Brahmin. In terms of size (using the formula for cylinder volume & proportional width), the Shudra measures twice the Aryan mean & 8 times the Brahmin. Hence, once an Aryan female has intercourse with a Shudra, she becomes Dravidianized & will never return to an Aryan man.
1. "Dravidians evolved large penises, broad noses (platyrrhinism), everted lips & protruding jaws (prognathism) to increase vascularized surface area & help these heat-exchanger organs dissipate more heat in the hot Dravidian climate. Conversely Aryans evolved shrunken penises, inverted lips & slim noses to reduce surface area & conserve heat in the cold North." - Ecological Theory for Penis Caste System.

2. Modern analyses confirm the ancients. Thus, the erect Kerala Shudra Penis averages 13.01 cm ("Penile length & circumference: an Indian study", K Promodu et al. Int J Impotence Res 19 (2007): 558-563), matching the 13.37 cm Nigerian mean ("'Oversized' Penile Length In The Black People; Myth Or Reality" JC Orakwe, GU Ebuh. Tropical J Medical Res 11.1 (2007): 16-18.). Both are larger than all other races, who are below 12.5 cm (ibid.). In contrast, studies have shown the Aryan Penis to rank among the smallest in the world. Thus, the global Andromedical Study concludes "The smallest averages were found in India 10.2 cm (3.9 in) & South Korea 9,6 cm (3.7 in)." (ClickPress, Wed Jan 11 2006). Another analyst concurs, "In contrast to the Negro {incl. Negro-African & Negro-Dravidian or Shudra}, Hindu {Indo-Aryan} men appeared to have got 'the short end of the deal' with a soft-organ size of a couple of inches transforming to an average erection of 4 to 4.5 inches." (`Male Sexual Machine', by Kenneth Purvis, NY: St. Martin's Press, 1992, p.18)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 06, 2010
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